Sunday, December 04, 2016

CMC North '16 Post: 1 of n

Fresh off of coming back from CMC North 2016 I write to you while passively watching Gilmore Girls (original series, I'm not caught up enough for the new Netflix part just yet) and eating Mountain Mike's pizza :).

There's always so much to think about and debrief after CMC North so I'm trying to figure out exactly how to approach all of this.

I attended a huge variety of sessions:

  • Mini-Conference session on a Transformational Approach to Geometry by Lew Douglas and Henri Picciotto 
  • Co-Teaching: Mathematical Practices For All Students by Noirin Foy and Valerie Ruiz 
  • Computing Transformations Using Complex Numbers and Matrices by Henri Picciotto 
  • Building Understanding Through Discourse by Rick Barlow and Madison Miller 
  • Summative Assessment Without Testing: Successful Examples by Masha Albrecht 
  • Make the Way: Student Agency, Authority, and Identity by Brent Jackson and Joan Easterday
Of course there are also the keynotes too!  Amazing stuff!  I haven't even unpacked my bag or notes (and I've got a LOT of notes!)... I don't even think I've unpacked my car 0_o.  

I resurfaced on Twitter over the conference so that was good.  I think that's what I've appreciate the most about CMC North.  It re-awakens me to rethink many different aspects of my teaching practice.  
During @Zakchamp's Keynote on Sunday morning the "we should test less and assess more" vibe was prevalent.  This really dove-tailed with some pieces I got from @Rickbrlw and @MatheMadison session about discourse.  

SO, for now all I know is that my Warm-Up routine for tomorrow will probably change.  I don't want to "make it through" the next 2 weeks but for my sanity I at least have to survive through them.  With a good nights' sleep I can ensure that my students get the best version of me that I can present to them tomorrow and I can go from there.  Lots of moving pieces but I know that debriefing the sessions one by one would probably be best for me.  

While I was there I did mention that someone should put together a Google Doc with those URLs from all of the sessions.  It'd be good/great for someone to compile a list like this.  Maybe with a Google form or something?  idk.  Something to think about?  Anyone want to volunteer for this?  

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