Sunday, November 02, 2014

Sunday Musings

Yesterday I went to the UC Davis Math Project and got to meet a group of really wonderful teachers.  We worked on a lot of problems, I meet @JessicaMurk13 in person.  She writes The Mathy Murk and presented a really cool lesson on different ways she fosters Problem Solving in her Geometry classes.

It got me thinking about my own practices (as one often does) for fostering math conversations and it got me really buzzed about the training I went to earlier in the month: La Cucina Mathematica by @MrVaudrey and @Jstevens009.

So I may have overwhelmed the people at my table with my "Yea! Get on Twitter! It's Awesome!" enthusiasm but I really do think tweeting has helped me immensely.  Since La Cucina I've been checking on Twitter, following people, reading different chats, responding to a few things here and there and really trying to orient myself about it.

I'm very fascinated with the #mtbos and found this NaNoWriMo-ish (National Novel Writing Month) post about blog posting.  So let's give this a whirl.  National Blog Posters Month!  (I'm assuming) well if that *is* what it is - I'm in.

I'm challenging myself to be more reflective and collective.  I want to collect resources I use, share them with others and get feedback before and after using them with students.  This may mean a couple of blog posts a day (one to say what I will do and the other to say how it went) but I think I can pull all of this together to see how it goes.

I'm especially inspired by this recent tweet from @mjfenton

I got into the conversation a little late in the game because it started with this simple

So simple yet so profound.  If you can't find what you are looking for where you are looking then you need to look elsewhere, right?  So ... here it goes.  I'll try to reflect and forecast for the next month on the daily.  I've tried multiple times to do something like this and wish I was more consistent on a regular basis but all I can do is control my time now.  I'll try not to be too wordy but... well, I am.  So here's hoping for a great November to everyone!  Keep Calm and Tweet/Blog On!

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